David T. Smith
Cinematographer | Camera Operator | AC | Data Wrangler | Licensed Drone Operator
"Ant-Man And The Wasp" Video Assist, SF 2nd Unit 2017
Behind the Scenes on Pixar's "Coco" for Disney Channel DIT 2017
"Lion's Den" German Reality TV show Cinematographer 2017
Intel Olympics announcement (banner drop segment) Cinematographer 2017
"Making Tea with Teforia" Director, Cinematographer 2017
Corporate Wars: The Making of 'RoboCop 2' Cinematographer 2017
Machine Parts: The FX of 'RoboCop 2' Cinematographer 2017
Robo-Vision: The Effects of 'RoboCop 3' Cinematographer 2017
Sam Genirberg interview Cinematographer 2016
Alonzo King, LINES Ballet documentary 1st AC/Camera Operator/Grip 2016
Vidya Vox concert Camera Operator 2016
"Stay True" (music video) Camera Operator 2016
One of Those Nights: The Making of 'Vamp' Cinematographer 2016
Chance Grip 2016
Intel in Education video Camera Operator/1st AC 2015
Stella Artois at Pebble Beach Food & Wine Director of Photography 2015
Heart Across America Documentary Director of Photography/Drone Operator 2015
Beyond The Tank (reality TV) 1st AC 2015
California First "Love Your Home" Director of Photography/Drone Operator 2014
Westfield Merry Makers Videographer 2014
Converse "School Time" 1st AC 2014
Kaiser Permanente "The Swimmer" 1st AC 2014
Ant-Man Video Utility 2014
Terminator: Genisys Video Utility 2014
Sugarcoated (trailer) 1st AC 2014
Good Job! (web series) Director of Photography 2014
Dance Deathly Director of Photography 2014
Shark Tank (reality TV) 1st AC 2014
Lover, Say It's Not Over (music video) Director of Photography 2013
Smart Sales Manager (book trailer) Director of Photography 2013
Sonia Paz Art Gallery Director of Photography 2013
Beyond Glory 1st AC, Jib Operator 2013
Young Sonoma (reality TV pilot) AC 2013
Blade Brothers (reality TV pilot) 2nd Unit Director of Photography 2012
The Internship Video Utility 2012
Hold Still Camera Operator 2012
The Rift Best Boy Electric 2012
Emily and Billy Director of Photography 2012
Maxim Integrated Director of Photography 2012
Monroe (music video) Director of Photography 2012
Listen To Me (music video) Director of Photography 2012
The Friend Zone (web series) Director of Photography, Director 2010-2012
Armageddon, Inc. (web series) Director of Photography, Director 2011-2012
The Gift (spec commercial) Director of Photography 2011
Roxie 2nd Camera, Lighting 2011
Mighty Leaf Iced Tea Director of Photography 2011
Beaten and Left Blind (music video) Director of Photography 2011
Truck Director of Photography 2011
Mighty Leaf Corporate Overview Director of Photography 2011
Clean Air (PSA) Director of Photography 2010
I Love You Houseplant Director of Photography 2010